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  • Piratizer 1.2 now released!
    Adds support to upload Piratized photos directly to Facebook!
  • Piratizer Lite - Try before you buy!
  • Piratizer turns the people in your photos into swashbuckling pirates! Just take a picture of a friend and it will automatically take care of the rest.
  • Piratizer uses cutting-edge face-recognition technology to find the faces of all of the people in your photograph, and then transforms them into one of four unique types of pirate: Buccaneers, Barbary Corsairs, Wokou, or Vikings.
  • After auto-piratization, you can customize the result as much as you like. Choose from over 60 professionally-illustrated pieces of pirate gear: hats, helmets, eye patches, beards, necklaces, earrings, hooks, peg-legs, parrots, monkeys, swords, scars, and more!
Piratizer Hat