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Piratizer Peg Leg and Hook
I want to use a photo from a website. How can I do that?
Using your device's web browser, navigate to the page that has the image that you want. Tap and hold on the image, and select "Save Image" from the pop-up menu.
How do I take a good photo for face detection?
Automatic face detection works best if the person is looking directly at the camera with their eyes fully open. Position the camera so that the faces are fairly large on the screen. If it still doesn't work, no problem: you can manually specify where all the faces are in your photograph using the 'Faces' screen. Position a pirate skull over each person's face, lining up their eyes with the skull's eye sockets.
How do I adjust the pirate accessories?
Tap on a piece of pirate gear to select it (a blue highlight will appear around it). Tap with one finger and drag to move the object around. "Pinch" with two fingers to resize or rotate it.